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Monday May 20, 2024

Pirates Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct - Players

Representing the Illawarra Pirates Baseball club is an honour.  Protecting the history and culture that has been built by the Pirates of games gone by is something that is trusted to us all.

To ensure that this great club is THE place to play baseball into the future there are a few "rules" that we all abide by whenever we take the field of play:

  1. Players are expected to dress in an appropriate way on arrival to each game i.e.: Pirates Club shirts or Pirates Club warm up shirts.
  2. Players are expected to prepare themselves in an appropriate mental and physical way for each game.
  3. Players are to arrive at least one hour and fifteen minutes before game time. A team meeting will be held one hour before the start of the game.
  4. Players will speak in a positive way to all team members in all situations.
  5. Players will not make derogatory comments in any form to opposition players.
  6. Players are to limit conversation with the Umpires. There is to be NO criticism or questioning of the Umpires decision.
  7. Bats, helmets and other playing equipment is to be respected and certainly not to be thrown.
  8. Any comments about team performance are to be made at team meetings and NOT on the field of play.
  9. The use of bad language will not be tolerated.

The consequences (as per the Club By-Laws) for breaches of our Code Of Conduct will be:

  1. Verbal warning from the Team Manager/Coach;
  2. Benching for the remainder of the current game;
  3. "In Team" suspension for one game; and
  4. Appearance before the Club Executive & Coaching Panel with a suspension for a fixed period.

Club Involvement

Whilst playing (and enjoying) baseball is the primary reason we are Pirates, successful operation of the club requires the efforts of many - so in addition to the "players" Code of Conduct, below are a few pointers on what else is expected of club members:

  • attend scheduled training sessions - if not to develop your own skills, then to pass on knowledge to others in attendance;
  • provide assistance in the operation of the Canteen - either in performing a "rostered" duty, or checking what is needed;
  • provide assistance with the maintenance of the ground - keep an eye out for the next working bee
  • attend club functions to support our sponsors and get to know other club members off the field
  • develop a new skill - undertake an umpiring, coaching or scorers course
  • PROMOTE the game of baseball that we all love to anyone who'll listen